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Yes, we have used batteries, however, it’s much better to do net metering with Nova Scotia Power to have a better return-on-investment. What's net metering? In short, any excess energy flows onto the main grid and then you get a credit on your next power bill; if you need more energy than then you produce, then you buy it from the grid.
Any excess power is sold back to Nova Scotia Power at the same rate you bought it, which is unique to Nova Scotia. This is much more valuable than any rebate. Sounds kind of fun too.
Consider this: Real estate averages about a 5% return, but it comes with headaches such as renting out, maintenance, etc. Solar has a 5 to 9% return-on-investment in the first year, with no headaches and no maintenance. As long as the sun comes up, you’ll get your ROI! You also don’t have to pay income tax on what you save. The average power bill goes up 5 to 7 % a year so you’ll save that again next year, and the year after, and the year after, in addition to our new carbon tax!
Unfortunately, no. It neither adds nor detracts the life from your shingles. However, it could be argued that solar panels may protect against wind damage to your shingles.
Yes, there is a manufacturer’s warranty on solar products for up to 25 years. We also have an in-house protection plan.

For Nova Scotia, it is up to $3,000 or up to a $5,000 Federal rebate, at this time (2024). It is important to note that this could change at any time.

Financing is available from CUA, RBC, Canada Greener Homes and many others to make every customer’s situation work.

We are a locally-owned company and our central office is located at 160 D Robie Street, Truro NS, B2N 1L1. We also have locations in New Glasgow (9 C Marie St, Stellarton, NS B2H 5H4) and Elmsdale (20 Development Drive Unit 2, Elmsdale, NS B2S 0G2)

We service all of Nova Scotia!