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Don't want to pay another power bill again? We can help!

Let’s be honest. We’ve all shed a few tears when the blue bill comes into our inbox. Now with 0% financing from Greener Homes, your power bill can be a distant memory.
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Unique Systems designed in-house with quality You can trust

Solar for everyone


Residential Solar

We understand. There are countless buzzwords in this industry. We’ll walk you through the options and provide you with a free solar assessment and solar solution for your grid-connected home. Our team will discuss your current and future energy needs and create an in-house solution to help you kiss your power bill goodbye.

Commercial Solar

Solar is an excellent option for businesses in Nova Scotia. There are many incentives available for commercial properties. We will provide a free solar assessment and will design a solution in-house to eliminate or offset your power bill.

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Protection Plan

Our solar company protection plan ensures the long-term performance and reliability of your solar system. It includes comprehensive warranty coverage for solar panels, inverters, and installation, as well as regular maintenance and 24/7 customer support, guaranteeing your investment in sustainable energy is safeguarded for years to come.

Canada has recently announced a 30% Tax Credit on Commercial Solar Projects!

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We're committed to a greener future

We believe everyone, whether they own a home or a business, should be able to achieve energy independence. The cost of energy will only increase further. Our mission is to ensure that our customers never have to worry about the energy cost again by providing them with the means to generate their electricity.

Hey, we’re not a one-trick pony! That also means we are not tied down to a single brand. Only the finest tools and machinery are used here. Our reputation is everything to us, so we treat every system we install as if it were our own. ​

Quality of work is our number one concern. We offer an In-House Protection Plan. We will take care of removing and replacing parts under warranty.

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Save Money


Reduce Emission

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Coal Power Plants

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Our Latest Projects

We love what we do and we can’t help but get a little excited to talk about it.
So you don’t like power bills and this sounds nice…

But how though?


End to end service

Sit back, relax and dream about your power bill-free future. We’ve got this!
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Free consultation

We’ll get to know your energy needs and talk through your options.

Free solar report

Free grid tied solar report with estimates on energy production and savings.

Free system design

Free solar system design and product selection

Application assistance

Free administration for applications to Nova Scotia Power and Efficiency Nova Scotia.

We back up our work

We’re direct sellers with consumer protection permits backed by a $25,000 bond with the province.
Protect your investment!

Our In-House Protection Plan will provide you with worry-free solar care.

Introducing the Latest Solis Production Line

Solis is proud to announce the launch of its latest production line! The fully automatic system is highly efficient and precise, ensuring the production of top-quality inverters and accessories. With this new development, they’re ushering in an exciting new era in manufacturing.

Our Satisfied Clients

What immediately set this solar installer apart for me was the staff and commitment to their customers. There was no such thing as it can’t be done. EVERYONE needs access to green energy like solar, not just the wealthy. Sun Kissed provided me a PV system that will offset 100% of my energy use with a monthly payment that is actually less than my power bill. It made the decision a no-brainer. there’s only one choice and it goes with their name: Sun Kissed Energy – Kiss Your Power Bills Goodbye!

Peter Keddy Customer

My system has retired my power bill and leftover $130 in my power account!

Paul McLellan Customer

I am over the moon with the excellent service I received. Thank you Mark, Courtney and helpers. Easy to work with, congenial and supportive!

Judy Ross Customer

Took the mystery out of installing solar power and made the experience easy! Mark, Courtney and Robert took the mystery out of installing solar power and made the experience easy. Mark is quick to reply to my many questions and he and Courtney processed all the paperwork required by NS Power and for the rebate. Robert explained each as he installed the system, which gave us comfort and confidence. I am now ADDICTED to watching our solar generation numbers on the app on my phone.

Mike Velemirovich Customer

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