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Top 10 Solar Smart Home Equipments

Top 10 Solar Smart Home Equipments

Integrating solar power systems with smart home technology helps homeowners maximize solar energy usage and savings. The right solar smart devices enable convenient solar production monitoring, optimal usage automation, and advanced functionality like off-grid readiness. 

As you upgrade your house with solar panels, here are 10 of the top smart home equipment to consider installing for optimal renewable energy management:

Smart Home Equipments

Smart Inverter for Smart Home

An inverter is the device that converts direct current (DC) electricity from your solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) power. Smart inverters serve as the intelligence hub of an integrated solar/smart home setup. This key component enables two-way communication between your home’s devices and your solar system. The smart inverter collects granular performance data from solar panels and system components to enable real-time monitoring.

It also facilitates automated software-based adjustments to output electricity’s voltage, frequency, and flow in order to seamlessly integrate and optimize solar production for immediate home usage or storage charging. Smart inverter connectivity is necessary for adding secondary monitoring sensors, battery storage, EV charging, and other smart devices into a flexible whole-home solar ecosystem.

Smart Thermostat 

Connecting smart thermostats like Google’s Nest or Emerson’s Sensi allows your integrated solar power system to automatically optimize heating and cooling operation. The thermostat’s automated temperature adjustment capabilities are based on analyzing both occupancy patterns and current solar power generation availability.

By incrementally pre-heating or pre-cooling your home when excess solar electricity exists, then minimizing heating/cooling runtimes when solar supply is lower, you translate your renewable energy into utility bill savings while still preserving comfort needs. Leading smart thermostat models conveniently enable control via voice assistants like Alexa or allow easy remote adjustments via smartphone apps while on-the-go. Their connectivity and automation takes yet another chunk out of your electrical usage from the utility grid.

Solar Smart Home Equipments

Smart Lighting for Smart Home

Managing usage of lighting, one of any household’s largest electrical loads, is a prime way to leverage your solar power system effectively. Smart lightbulbs, sockets, switches and LED lightstrips controlled via intelligent apps and home automation rules provide an energy-efficient, modern lighting solution fully-integrated with solar capabilities. Automating lighting schedules to match solar generation availability enables significant savings by minimizing unnecessary daytime usage. Motion sensors selectively activate emergency lighting paths when occupied at night.

Ambient light sensors and seasonal sunlight change rules automatically adjust intensities. Smart lighting empowers homeowners to set lighting schemes, timers, occupancy actions, and seasonal presets to minimize lighting bills, while still feeling in control of their atmospheres. Connected smart lighting is an essential element to maximize benefits from a home’s solar energy ecosystem.

Smart Switches and Plugs for Smart Home

In addition to lighting controls, smart plugs that connect appliances, TVs, and other device loads to outlets can monitor real-time energy usage and enable control of automated on/off operation schedules. Smart power strip surge protectors provide port-level usage tracking and timed outlet capabilities. Similarly, smart light switches automate powering on/off lighting zones based on production/consumption analytics performed within your solar setup’s monitoring dashboard.

Strategically expanding usage of these sorts of smart accessories enables intelligently optimizing what devices run when in order to maximize solar efficiency and savings versus reliance on grid electricity. They provide easy, minimally intrusive ways to leverage automation for optimizing your home’s renewable energy usage.

Smart Battery Storage

Storing excess solar energy production in home batteries enables continuing to power your house even when sunlight fades or grid power suffers an outage. Smart charge controllers and proprietary algorithms manage the automated cycling of charging from solar panels when generation exceeds home loads and discharging to home loads when solar production drops but consumption remains.

Seamlessly integrating high-capacity batteries with advanced solar analytics and automation software keeps essential backup power always at the ready to support after-dark usage or grid failure resilience. Smart battery solutions are a key element in maintaining your renewable solar setup’s capabilities even during non-ideal conditions.

Solar Performance Monitoring

Dedicated meters and sensors for recording essential solar production data like wattage output, voltage, and temperature provide the foundation for monitoring system performance. Smart inverter telemetry further supplements analytics capabilities. Custom software dashboards offer both real-time and long-term insights into solar generation quantities along with comparison against consumption amounts. Advanced forecast analysis estimates next-day production levels based on weather data to inform charge controller settings.

Automated alerts provide notifications if any anomalies arise with system components allowing prompt service issue resolution. Robust solar performance monitoring makes gaining transparency into your renewable system’s Moment-to-moment operation effortless while enabling proactive adjustments to further optimization.

Energy Management Platform for Smart Home

An AI-enabled, unified smart platform controlling solar settings, battery storage, EV chargers, and the full range of connected smart devices provides the ultimate home energy optimization. Automatic adjustments based on usage habits and solar capabilities ensure you maximize savings and functionality from your integrated solar/smart investment.

Smart Water Heater for Smart Home

App and voice controlled adjustment of water heating schedules, temperatures, and pump operation ensures this large home electricity load uses the most cost-effective energy source – whether solar power or the grid – at any given time of day.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

Smart chargers allow control over charging time and rates, coordinating directly with solar production capacity to enable always harnessing the sun’s power for fuelling your EVs rather than more expensive grid electricity.  

Smart Security System

Surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and alarms connected to your smart solar setup ensures seamless off-grid power even if utility electricity fails. Keep security protection active using your solar+battery backup energy capabilities.


While individual smart devices each enable specific automation and control functionality for solar-generated power, combining several complementary smart technologies allows fully maximizing renewable energy savings and management convenience through superior smart home integration.

At Sun Kissed Energy we offer complete custom packages of solar equipment and smart home upgrades tailored to your household’s needs. Contact us for your free site assessment and smart solar bundles quote today! Our team of experts handles your entire project from initial consultation through installation and connected platform setup – allowing you to simply enjoy reaping the benefits from powering your smart home using free, green energy from the sun.


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