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Wi-Fi Data Logger Setup Guide

Wi-Fi Data Logger Setup Guide

  1. Connect the antennae to the data logger
  2. Plug the logger into the inverter – be sure the inverter is on with at least DC power
  3. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and then search for new networks
  4. Look for a network called “Solis_XXXXXXXXXX” the “XXXXXXXX” should be the serial number of the logger                                                                          1. If the network is not appearing, press and hold the Reset button down for 10 seconds until both NET and COM lights start to flash simultaneously
  5. Connect to that network
  6. Open a browser on your phone and enter into the address bar
  7. Enter “admin” for the password and “123456789” for the password then hit Log In
  8. Go to Quick Set and then tap Search in the top left corner
  9. Select the local Wi-Fi network that you wish to use
    1. This network must be 2.4GHz as 5GHz networks are not supported
  10. Enter the Wi-Fi network password (be sure that it is correct) and then tap Save
  11. If everything was done correctly, the “Solis_XXXXX” network should disappear and the NET/COM lights on the logger should begin flashing
  12. At this point you can go to SolisCloud and add the data logger to your plant
    1. Go to your plant
    2. Tap the dots in the top right corner
    3. Tap Add Device
    4. Use the scanner to scan the QR code sticker on the logger
    5. Place your hand behind the logger if the scanner is not working (this helps it to focus)
    6. If you are still not having luck scanning the logger you can enter the serial number manually
  13. Go to the Device tab on your plant and then to the Data Logger tab
  14. The data logger should now be displayed here with note about when it last reported
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Re-set up the Solis-DLS-WIFI

– On a computer, check for available Wi-Fi networks for one that reads AP and a series of numbers (the numbers should be the serial number for the datalogger). Connect to it.

– Once connected to the logger, open a browser and go to (this must be typed in every time).

– When prompted to log in, username and password are both “admin”.

– Once in the logger set up, select Wizard.

– Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password, then click next.

– Follow the steps listed on the Wizard until set up is complete. Please allow up to five minutes to see activity. Enhanced security must be left unchecked.